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Various Artists - Brixia Sonora Remixed

Various Artists - Brixia Sonora Remixed

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In the swirling flow of this 2023 annus mirabilis of Brescia-Bergamo, designated Capital of Culture in Italy, Rebirth has thought to blend together independent musical paths, which were valid but otherwise fragmented. into a collective and identity project called "Brixia Sonora", a tribute to the Brescian music scene in its many facets and declinations.

Exploring the musical landscapes of the protagonists: Giovanni Battagliola, Paolo Cattaneo, Chris Benoit, Eke, Luca Formentini, Kick, Alessandro Pedretti, Corrado Saija e Giorgio Presti, Maniscalco, Materie, Matteo Gamba, Mattia Fontana. Solo projects, bands, collectives, DJs, and producers - a crossroads of generations and multitudes within which everyone has carved out their own space.

A collection that is a babel of sounds and a short circuit of universes: minimalism, glitch music, house, jazz, electronica, downtempo, balearica and other experimentations.
In the name of art and beauty: hence the decision to use as the album cover Emilio Isgro's work, "L Incancellabile Vittoria", an installation located at the "Station FS" of the Brescia underground. This work represents the Vittoria Alata, one of the most iconic, evocative, and symbolic pieces of the city.

An image of a city and its atmosphere. A city that has made great strides in recent years, but which still has potential to grow and emerge. Freeing itself from isolation and centralizing itself to different geographies and dynamics, the bar of quality has been raised beyond the comfort zone of standardized and repetitive formulas to explore alternative models of research and synergistic expression. The opportunity for interaction, exchange of ideas and dialogue, predisposition to evolution and improvement.

To provide a more comprehensive overview of this project and close out 2023 in the best way, we have created, with the director Luca Broglia, Brixia Sonora Backstage, a mini-documentary video that features contributions from the artists involved, recorded in some of the city's most iconic locations.

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