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803 Crystal Grooves

Cinthie - You Know How EP - 803 Crystal Grooves

Cinthie - You Know How EP - 803 Crystal Grooves

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Cinthie returns to her 803 Crystal Grooves label with You Know How EP
German mainstay offers up three varied and vital house weapons to relaunch her label after 2.5
year hiatus
Cinthie is one the most revered voices in underground house music and has been for more than
a decade. Her take on the genre always puts the groove first. It is informed by the classics but
with a contemporary edge and comes on 803 Crystal Grooves as well as cultured outlets like
Aus Music and Heist. As a DJ she mixes up records from her vast collection with equal style and
skill, and is also now live artist who serves up impromptu jams on her collection of hardware.
Hot on the heels of several remixes already this year, the Elevate. Berlin record store boss is
back with a new release just three days before her birthday. As a gift to herself she is
relaunching her label after a 2.5 year hiatus due to pressing plant delays during the pandemic.
Opener 'You Know How' is a joyous piano house anthem that will get hands in the air. Classic,
smartly deployed vocal samples inject an old-school edge while the textured bass brings serious
low-end weight to this utterly timeless gem. The superb 'Mellifluous' rides on smooth drum
bumps as waves of synth wash over the dance floor. They bring feel-good warmth in a subtle,
dynamic fashion that locks dancers in for a blissed-out ride. Last of all, 'Can You' swings
irresistibly with punchy kicks and dry, raw claps. It's a physical house sound with chopped-up
vocal fragments and rolling bass that makes a huge impact.
Cinthie's You Know How EP comes on 803 Crystal Grooves on DATE.

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