What tune never leaves your bag?
Big Youth - Jim Screechy Lavender Dubplate Mix, no explanation needed.

Who's your biggest influence?
2: linking from the last answer my dad is honestly the person who’s had the biggest impact on my life from music to clothes to morals!

Who do you rate at the moment on the scene?
Lila Iké

What are your words of wisdom for the human race?
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Whats you Dream DJ rider?
When I was 14 I had a residency at a bar in Brixton and I’d get a free roast dinner before I played and then a bowl of roast potatoes whilst I was playing, think that will be hard to beat.



Ansel Collins - stalag 17
Beres Hammond - do you pray
Sister Nancy - bam bam dubplate
Barrington levy - my woman
Kojak and Liza - fist to fist
Michigan and smiley - nice up the dance
Marcia grithis - I’m still in love with you
Shabba ranks - tonight remix
Super cat - see boops deh
King Kong - kill them wid riddim
Junior Reid - one blood
Terrie ganzie - once bitten
Little twitch - devil send them a come
Dirts man - move up
Carl Meeks - youth man
Half pint - greetings
Conroy smith - dangerous dubplate
Don Carlos - no trouble this
Ayres feat kinck - liar liar
Mungos hifi feat yt - serious time
Yellowman -zungguzungguguzungguzeng dubplate