What got you into music?

My brother in law playing me Autobahn when I was about 13 or 14 - started doing tape loop experiments with my sister's reel to reel machines.

Who's your biggest influence?

Joey Beltram - Places album

Who do you rate at the moment on the scene?

Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson, Eclair Fifi, Noncompliant, Mall grab, Object Blue.

What are your words of wisdom for the human race?

Be nice to everyone and turn up on time.

Whats you Dream DJ rider?

Just to have a rider would be nice! - the only thing I crave in a club which you can't get in the early hours is a nice cup of tea and a chip butty.

---- Tracklist ----

NOVELLER Lone Victory Tonight (Fire)
FOREST DRIVE WEST Apparitions (Livity Sound)
SPECIAL REQUEST David Lynch on Consciousness (Self Released)
RYAN ELLIOTT Headspace (Faith Beat)
ASC Saturate (ARTS)
SCHATRAX Coral (Schatrax)
MARK BROOM Mercury (Silicon Sally Remix) (RedSonja)
G-MAN Redemption (Tan Ra Ra) M.E.S.H. Antechamber (Janus Berlin) SURGEON Convenience Trap Part 4 (Dynamic Tension)
KARENN Peal Me Easy (Voam)
PLAID Maru (Warp)
MATT O' BRIEN This Is Not A Drill (Off Key Industries)
SHADOW CHILD and MARK ARCHER Eye Feel (Super Rhythm Trax)
DEVELOPER Zebra (Failsafe)
MOTIVE POWER False Testimony (47)
HAAI Chonkboi (Mute)
SCHATRAX Sisphunk (Schatrax)
ZISKO Alone In the Darkness (D.M.T.)
AVALON EMERSON Finally Some Common Ground (Whities)
MAKATON Double Heart (Voitax)
SURGEON Convenience Trap Part 2 (Dynamic Tension)
CHONTANE Nedelia (Them)
SIMON HEARTFIELD Portrait One (Limbic Productions)
DC SALAS Tropical Weirdness (River Rapid)

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