Third up in the NVV & Friends series, we have Tim Clay with a 93 Jungle/Hardcore special - hold tight! 

What got you into music?

I’ve always been into music since I was little, but really it was when I started to understand what bass was. I used to read a lot of car tuning magazines and they used to have big speaker setups, which led me to go into Halfords and just stand in front of the Subwoofers when I was about 7 years old haha! I got hold of a couple of Hard House CDs and a CD compilation called ‘Bass In Yer Face’ a couple of years later but still didn’t really know much about underground music at this point, understandably. Then when I was 11, I saw an advert for DJ Hype’s ‘Drum & Bass Essentials’ on the TV, bought the album and that was it really. I got into The Prodigy around the same time with the Prodigy ‘Experience’ album. These albums cemented my love for Drum & Bass as well as the history of the music in the form of Hardcore and Jungle.

What tune never leaves your bag?

Oldskool: Citizen Kaned – Set Me Free. Both mixes of that track are so euphoric and dreamy, I’ll never get bored of it.

Drum & Bass: Fierce & Zero T – Axis. Such a dark rolling tune. The beats are heavy, the bassline is just so deep and it’s got such a mixable quality to it. 4 years old and will still sound fresh for years to come!

Who's your biggest influence?

That’s a tough one, as there are many. I guess Goldie is definitely a big influence, as he came from so little and developed such a great sound and label in the form of Metalheadz.

Who do you rate at the moment on the scene?

DJ Randall will always be my favourite D&B DJ for his dark rolling selection, but artist wise I’d say Total Science, Digital (big up!), Trex, Zero T, Lenzman and Break to name a few, but there’s loads of great new music out there if you know where to look!

What are your words of wisdom for the human race?

Always be kind. Kindness will get you everywhere in life.

Whats you Dream DJ rider?

Loads of beer and Chinese food/Kebabs. All you need really!

---- Tracklist ----

Bounty Killaz – Do It Now! (Creative Wax)
T.Power & The Sandman – Oedipus Complex (Soapbar)
DJ SS & EQ – DJ Anthems Vol II (Formation Records)
Metalheads – Saint Angel (Synthetic Records)
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect (Slammin’ Vinyl)
Vibes & Wishdokta – Rush My Heart (VW Records)
DJ Seduction – The Twist (Impact Records)
Bounty Killaz – Silent Voices (Creative Wax)
The Criminal Minds – Ruffneck Dancer (White House Records)
Njoi – Drumstruck (Deconstruction)
Nick-O-D – (Non)Sense (Reinforced Records)
Spinback – In Effect (Modern Urban Jazz)
Hardware – Night Stalker (DJ SS Remix) (Face Records)
Dr. S. Gachet – EXDK (Remix) (Labello Blanco)
Double Vision – What Kind Of World (Liftin’ Spirit Records)
DJ Hype – The Chopper (Suburban Base Records)
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Ruffer !!! (Slammin’ Vinyl)
DJ Edge – The Remix (Not On Label)
Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub Base Field Mix) (Recoil Records)
Tango And Ratty – The Killer (’93 PA Mix) (Steel Fingers Heritage)