Next up in the NVV SoundCloud mix series, we have Southsea based Laurence Reed from Murge Recordings.

What got you into music?
Can't really remember a specific moment - The early mixtapes circulating at the time kind of drew in initially, Luke Slater recorded at the Treasure Island rave was a whopper. Then moving onto to going out with friends, legitimate clubs, not so legal outdoor and warehouse parties, it all felt real tribal back then - Same faces every weekend, some of which are now my best of friends. Would certainly name check the White Sugar parties in Bognor for piquing my interest in a sound. This all led to buying a set of belt driven turntables... The struggle was real with those bad boys!!

What tune never leaves your bag?
Argh..... That's a difficult one, I'd probably say LFO v FUSE - Loop.........But ask me again next week and I’d probably give a different answer!

Best gig you've played to date?
Again tough – Some of the best are hazier 😊 I've probably two - Played a night called FUMP in Colchester a few years ago was, after which asked to stay back and play the after-party at the same venue after curfew...Free rein to play those early morning wonky grooves..... Insane!!! Such a great vibe, these guys really know how to party!! Tip my hat to Joe and the gang!
Then there's the time I supported Rolando ..... I mean come on, how many times do you get to support a UR legend in your home town?

Who's your biggest influence?
Again a difficult one would probably give you a different answer week to week. Would say more a case places and people, rather than Dj’s and artists - the early Detroit sound has certainly had an influence. I like to travel experiencing different countries and cultures – Always making time to search out the local record stores.

Who do you rate at the moment on the scene?
I think it's a good time for music right now, some real quality shining through from both artists and labels alike. Derek Carr, Miles Sagnia, Specter, Laurence Guy.... British labels – Ornate Music, Verdant Recordings, Exalt and Firescope are putting out consistently decent releases.

What are your words of wisdom for the human race?
Don't be a dick! It's nice to be nice!

Dream DJ rider?
A man of simple tastes..... Two turntables with quality cartridges, a decent mixer, a nice clean sound system, strobe light, and smoke machine, 2 Hours minimum, early mornings ...... And of course a lovely warm crown. Please... No drama, no confetti cannons and no Instagram possers!

---- Tracklist ----

Benjamin Brunn and Dave Wheels - Iratamoto Version - Sushitech Records
Translate - Puppets - Ferox
OHM & Octal Industries - Bardo - Solid Groove
Grimes Adhesif feat. Alex Ookpik - Kalender Days
SIT - Alternate (steve o'sullivan remix) - Sushitec Records
Jayson Wynters - Ancient Tones - Ornate Music
Kleo - Wherever You Go - Kleek Recordings
Miles Atmospheric - Exoplanetology - FireScope Records
Hakim Murphy - Sickness - Mentha Records
Brian Harden - Chicago to Detroit (patrice scott remix) - D3 Recordings
Derek Carr - A Hundred Dreams - Just Jack Recordings
Faune - 5.34 AM - Ornate Music
Martin Buttrich - Stop Motion - Desolat
James Zieter - JS-06 - JS
Cottman - Last Of A Batch - Ferox
Aubrey - Turned Away - Out-ER
Future Beat Alliance - Endless Blue - Tresor
Redshape - Shapes - RB Records
Basic Channel - Q1.1/1 - Basic Channel
Naomi Daniel - Feel The Fire (carl craig remix) - KMS
Conforce - Detente - Modelisme Records
Tom Churchill - Hot Air - Headspace Recordings
Fathers Of Sound - Revelation - UMM
Omar S - Ambiance feat. John Cloud and L'Renee - FHXE Music