Posthuman - Requiem For A Rave - Balkan Vinyl

Posthuman - Requiem For A Rave - Balkan Vinyl

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This album is a love letter to our teenage selves.

An ode to youthful memories from Scotland and the North East of England. We’re of the generation that saw the CJB force the raves from the fields into the clubs, we caught the tail end of the convoys soundtracked by cassette recordings of pirate radio stations from far-off London and beyond. Every week a new musical discovery, every mixtape a revelation. Losing friends in dark fields or corridors of strange warehouses, then finding them again in the strobe lit smoke of the dancefloor.

It's rave, and techno, and jungle, and trance, and house, and ambient...but none of it is quite straight forward; It’s all a bit hazy, timelines broken and lines blurred. We hope the memory connects with you, the way it does with us.

Josh & Rich x