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Whether replacing a much-loved original, or adding to a collection afresh, this is a

superior way to enjoy such enduring and influential music.


Born in Suffolk, Parkes, learnt saxophone as a child, but by the early 90s, he like

many others, got into electronic music, and by the middle of the decade was

making inventive, skeletal, drum and bass. Photek was first heard on his own

label, with releases such as Seven Samurai and U.F.O, which brought him to the

attention of Goldie, who released his calling card Natural Born Killa EP on his

Metalheadz imprint. Photek's slower take on what was then known as 'jungle',

produced a half- step breakbeat, adding a glacial, mellowness to the relentless



By the time of his signing to Virgin, Photek was truly making waves, and Modus

Operandi was trailed by The Hidden Camera mini album, which reached the UK

Top 40, as did the single Ni Ten Ichi Ryu. Modus Operandi was a critical and

commercial success, reaching the Top 40 and establishing him as a go- to

producer and remixer. The space around his beats and his ample yet judicious

range of effects can be heard on tunes such as The Hidden Camera and the jazz

influenced title track.


Photek has not released a new album in over a decade. He now is an established

film and television composer in Hollywood. However, his work is fondly

remembered and still sounds as fresh as a drum and bass daisy.



Disc 1

  1. The Hidden Camera
  2. Smoke Rings
  3. Minotaur
  4. Aleph 1


Disc 2

  1. 124
  2. Axiom


Disc 3

  1. Trans 7
  2. Modus Operandi
  3. KJZ
  4. The Fifth Column