DOS – Lucid Dreams EP
DOS – Lucid Dreams EP

DOS – Lucid Dreams EP

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Austrian producer DOS rolls through making his mark on the first release of new label,
Running Out of Steam, already scoring a modern summer classic house infused release to
make memories too.
EP track title 'Lucid Dreams' entwines twinkling, twitching vocals with deep compressed
pads for the summer hazy days ahead with tropical synth melodies blending into a euphoric
after-hours haze.
'Work That' launches into a nostalgic blend of crunchy breaks and endearing silky chords.
Levitating through the track, it's building vocal line draws to an ecstatic drop for the living
room dancefloor. Get the windows open and feel the wind in your hair for this sunrise belter.
On the flip side DOS injects his punchy pads and dusty 90's vocals for a cheeky four to the
floor house anthem. Broken beat drum hooks move in unison with mellow synth lines to time
travel back to better times.
‘Manta’ sees out the labels first outing with an epic bang, pulsating bass battles elegantly
crunching with trance-esque sound pallets and classic jungle breaks.