Darren Nye - Forgotten Technology (MS005)

Darren Nye - Forgotten Technology (MS005)

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Magnonic Signals welcome back the extraordinary talents of Darren Nye following his label debut on Neuromorphic Engineering Vol.1.

Well known for his beautiful techno, electro and electronica and featuring on top labels including FireScope, Nebulae, Revoke and Childhood Intelligence, Darren brings ‘Forgotten Technology’ which is some of his best work to date.

'Hidden In Plain Sight' (+) a dystopian electro track weaving lush warm pads and glassy eyed melodies over bubbling 808 beats with added 303 grittiness resulting in a wonderful timeless Detroit inspired gem.

‘Behind The Smile' (++) Imagine if B12 and Larry Heard met up for a late night jam in the mid 90's! A chi-town bassline combined with icy atmospherics and exquisite drum programming all make for a great track for both club and home-listening alike.

On the flip Dream Sequencer (-) takes us into pure space territory. A Nu Electronica style techno monster with driving drums and immersive emotional content throughout.
This track is sure to make any discerning dance floor go into overdrive!

To close we have the amazing electronica of 'Great Tartaria' (- -) Mr. Nye pulls out all the stops to deliver a sumptuous story-telling track. A pounding 808 kick and then soul soothing melodies and strings take you to a higher plane.

Signal are getting stronger…