What tune never leaves your bag?

Damon Wild & Tim Taylor -"Bang The Acid" - Joey Beltram Remix

Who's your biggest influence?

Hard to pick one but Jeff Mills changed the game completely for me in 1993.

Who do you rate at the moment on the scene?

Special Request is killing it but there are so many great artists out there right now. The Electro/Acid/Breaks artists doing their thing now are fire! Check the tracklist for the names really!!

What are your word of wisdom for the human race?

Don't worry about things that haven't happened yet, we all do it. If you can learn not to, your life will be a lot less stressful and you'll enjoy the 'Now'

Whats you Dream DJ rider?

I've never really been into all that stuff. as long at there are drinks and a place to sit I am happy...oh! and Pizza, always time for Pizza.


Special Request - Carex Vesicaria
Special Request - Change
OpziO - Diskal
Sync 24 / Matt Whitehead / Junq - From Below
Menishu - Semi-hostile Dwarfs
Pepe - Life Signs (Roll Mix)
James Shinra - 1111
Tensal / Kommatssu - Finite in Nature
Zeta Reticula - Reticulum
Clouds - Common Bounce
Unklevon - Thrilled since 93 (Drums Mix)
Assembler Code - O.Y.M. (Jensen Interceptor & Sync 24 Remix)
Container - Nozzle
Samurai Breaks - Bad Boy Beats
Pepe - Recollections
Posthuman - Feel the Heat
Jerome Hill - Moved (Mark Archer Remix)
Dense & Pika - Move Your Body Back
Alden Tyrell - Interceptor
Alex Bau - On Synth
AMEE - Black Forest
Blenk - Forward
Blenk - Dubjam
Dast - Dysturbia
Echologist - Connect (To Heat)
Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707
Hertz - The Remix that became a Track
Industrialyzer - Analog Planet
Kaiserdisco - Trip
Kink - Existence
Luke Slater - O-Ton Reassembled 3
Marco Bailey - Acid Winter
Pearson Sound - XLB
Planetary Assault Systems - Give it Up
Pig & Dan - Promised (Raxon Remix)
Ritzi Lee - Lucid State
Roland O’Slide - Obudastage
Special Request - Cheyne Stoking
Kumarachi - For You
DJ Hybrid - Timeless
Gremlinz / Digital - Low Battery
Epicentre / Kumarachi - Patterns
Demented Frequency - Amens on the Nile
Sully - Porcelain