What tune never leaves your bag?

Marlena Shaw - Touch Me In The Morning

Who's your biggest influence?

Artists like Cassius, Theo Parrish and Four Tet, each for their different methods of sampling. When it comes to mixing though it's artists like Artwork and Folamour who inspire me just due to the good energy you get from the music they play.

Who do you rate at the moment on the scene?

At the moment artists like Dance system, Alex Virgo, Big Miz, Ejeca, Elliot Adamson and Chaos in the CBD to name a small few. I feel they are all pushing out high-quality music consistently and each encompasses different aspects of what I’m trying to producing myself.

What are your words of wisdom for the human race?

Don’t be so quick to throw judgement and hate about as a lot can come from trying to educating others rather than vilifying them. Also try not take life too seriously! :)

Whats you Dream DJ rider?

Red Stripe, Jim Beam, Tequila and Chocolate Eclairs


Kornel Kovacs - Pantalon
Sopp- Tomorrow
Lipelis - What Is It
Rimbaudian- Vibing
Frank Booker - More
Chrissy - So I Go Dancing
Rhode & Brown - Sumthin
COEO - 1981
Adome Nyueto - Yta Jourias (sopp’s party edit)
D’arabia - Pajama Girl
Sopp- Levi’s Boogie
Jack Stuckes - False Freedom
Phil Weeks - Encore Ddoje
Facce (Croft edit)
Sopp - Spanish man
Donny Rotten - Left Overs
Al Zanders - Long Gone